Board of Governors

The Board of Governors oversees and is responsible for the Club’s assets and operations.
Its objective is to enhance the lives of the Club's members and ensure Ivy’s long-term vitality.

Allison Sewell Bridges '96
Kevin McGowan '95
William J. B. Brady III '87
Corbin R. Miller '71 (Treasurer)
Peter L. Briger, Jr. '86
Dominic H.R. Moross '90 (President)
James M. Buck III '81
Moyin Opeyemi '19
Leonard S. Coleman, Jr. '71
Shea Owens '94
Robert A. Engel '86 (Secretary)
Folasade Runcie '18
George L. K. Frelinghuysen '73
Ryan Salvatore '02
Benjamin H. Griswold IV '62
Marco Tablada '93
J. Regan Kerney '68 (House Chair)
Antony L. Taylor '01
George C. Knight '89
William C. Ughetta, Jr. '82
Natasha MacManus '20John Zacharias '11
John C. MacMurray '61